Harder - The TV Series

Set in Gottingen – a small town within which “nothing ever happens” – this series reveals damaged, deluded and savage lives that collide into each other with increasing ferocity. 
Chief Inspector Harder, a man who appears to be simply waiting for death, is forced to respond when a series of vicious killings break through the torpor of the city. Partnered with a young, sullen and antagonistic police woman, Sylvia Bergmann, he is unprepared for the level of violence that is to follow. 
The story examines the nature of revenge, the power of violence and the self-delusion of those who dream of big lives in small spaces.
Personal relationships which appeared to be solid and real are revealed to be hollow and meaningless with the revelation of personal betrayal at the core of Harder’s rebirth. Additionally, there is redemption and hope here as new relationships develop and both he and Bergmann rediscover what it is to be human and in love.
The stories are presented in a unique and highly individual style, ranging from slapstick comedy to grand guignol, the visual world within which the characters act contains elements of magic realism, expressionism, new French realism, symbolism, kitchen sink realism and film verité, ricocheting between each other in order to best present the inner and outer lives which grow, develop and abruptly end. 
Examining the question how do we repair the damage that our past inflicts upon us, live easily in the present and thereby positively contribute to the future is at the heart of this ground breaking series.

“They fuck you up your mum and dad” (P Larkin)



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